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The Shield Mini Sight, or SMS,  is developed by Shield Sights Limited in the United Kingdom. It features a sight housing made of nylon glass filled polymer. The hardware includes an internal variable-intensity, drive circuit. This feature senses the ambient light radiating from the target and automatically adjusts the built-in LED emitter to the perfect intensity for all backgrounds. It also incorporates a durable lens for extra resilience to the daily wear and tear of shooting. It features an RMSc footprint, and will mount to all mounting surfaces designed for the RMSc or full-sized RMS footprints. Compatible with night vision.


Red LED. No laser; completely eye safe. No radioactive materials.
4 MOA dot reticle
1x reflex, SiO2 quartz-coated, heavy impact rated glass lens
Hard coating with Anti-reflection. No colored exterior lens coating, minimizes visible signature.


One 3V lithium battery, CR2032
2 to 3 years  battery life with average use. 4 years with dark storage.
Automatic brightness adjustment based on target
Brightness Range: Lowest – Compatible with Night Vision, Highest – Visible against the sky in bright daylight
Battery mounts underneath optic


Polymer housing material
Matte-black coating
Sight dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 1.7 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches
Weighs 0.57 ounces including battery
Mounts to all RMS / RMSc mounting surfaces

To find more information, such as user manuals and more detailed specifications, please click here to visit Shield’s direct page.

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