DoveDOT™ Red Dot Mounting Plate Kit – RMSc Footprint/Fiber Front

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Dove AMS’ DoveDOT™ Mounting Plate Kit provides a method for installing a red dot optic onto pistol slides that are not equipped with an optic cut.

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Dove Adaptive Mounting Solutions’ revolutionary DoveDOT™ Red Dot Mounting Plate Kit provides a simple and convenient method for installing an RMSc footprint red dot optic onto pistol slides that are not equipped with a dedicated optics cut. Optic not included.

Most model DoveDOTs are compatible with multiple firearms in the subcompact, compact, and fullsize categories. To view a full list of compatible handgun models for each fitment option, please see our Compatibility Page.

For an in-depth guide to installing your DoveDOT kit, please visit our Install Page.


  • Includes red dot mounting plate w/ red & green fiber optic front sight (More colors for your front sight available Here!)
  • Mounting plate features integrated rear iron sight
  • 17-4 stainless steel with black nitride coating
  • Simple installation; no machining required
  • Compatible with most optic-ready holsters

Some examples of optics that will mount to the DoveDOT™ RMSc are:

  • Swampfox Sentinel
  • Holosun 407k/507k
  • Holosun EPS/EPS Carry
  • Vortex CCW Defender
  • Sig Romeo Zero/Zero Elite
  • Sightmark Mini Shot A-Spec M3
  • ADE Spike RD3-018
  • All Shield Sights optics
  • Hex Optics Wasp
  • Crimson Trace CT-1550
  • Riton Tactix MPRD/MPRD2

Video Reviews

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***Please be sure to check your manufacturer’s specifications for installing sights. For example, some companies use a tapered dovetail on their slides, meaning one side is tighter than the other. Failing to follow the firearm manufacturer’s recommended installation/uninstallation directions could result in excessive force being needed to install the DoveDOT™ kits which could result in damage to the product or firearm. Our DoveDOT™ units are manufactured with these directions in mind, so if you are having to use more force than a few sharp taps to seat the unit, please ensure you are going the correct direction for installation/uninstallation.


Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 4 × 1 in
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Glock, Sig P365, S&W M&P / Shield, S&W Shield EZ, Taurus G3/G3c/GX4, Springfield XD

27 reviews for DoveDOT™ Red Dot Mounting Plate Kit – RMSc Footprint/Fiber Front

  1. Tony

    I’ve tried several sight mounts in the past, but this one is by far the best I have ever used. Easy to install and great quality. Cowitness is great with my Swampfox Sentinel. Design is genius! I’ve never come across a plate mount that features the rear sight built into it. Perfect for my Glock 26 EDC.

  2. Mark W (verified owner)

    Fantastic optics mount! I love the fact that it has a iron sight built into it, also the install was a breeze! Cannot recommend this enough

  3. Chris M (verified owner)

    I’ve been searching for a RMSc dovetail mounting plate for my Glock 26 Gen 5 pistol and my search is finally over! Compared to other thick and oversized dovetail plate, this is by far the thinnest and the best low profile mount. Very easy to install and sits plush to the slide, not to mention the added bonus of co-witness sight. If you ever wondered if you can install a micro red dot optic on a Glock 26, here’s your answer. Highly recommended!

  4. Zachary Harris

    This product is by far the best thing for the non-MOS 43x/48. I tried another Glock dovetail adapter for the RMSc footprint and it was not rigid/solid enough to trust with my life. I did some emergency slide rack drills last night with it using your mount. It’s a rock and it didn’t even scratch the coating.
    Thanks Dove for hitting this one out of the park.

  5. Eric Najera (verified owner)

    Was looking for a RDS mounting solution for my Shield, and was directed to Dove Mounts by Tactical Considerations. This mounting solution is perfect! I was able to mount a 407k with no mill work needed at all. Great product. Very solid when sending rounds down range too!

  6. DRAKOSSK (verified owner)

    Can now confirm that The DoveDOT mounting plate will most definitely work on a full size frame 5inch barrel S&W M&P 2.0 9mm non optics ready pistol and works amazingly well! The absolute worst part of process is hands down removing the SW factory installed rear sights and good luck to anyone attempting this process lol 😛 …After the rear sight removal , everything about the DoveDot install process is as easy as can possibly be IMO. I mounted a Holosun HE-507k-X2-ACSS Green Dot from Primary Arms(also amazing Product) without any issue at all.(loaded chamber indicator clearance etc) and can confirm using this Sight with the included screws (*not the shorter screws sold seperate to the DoveDOT Plate*) and zeroed within 4 shots and then after an additional 100rnds it has yet to budge and is still more accurate than I can be 🙂 anyone that is thinking of trying this Plate with a full size M&P 2.0 can take it from me, it is completely worth every penny and THANKS to Dove DOT I didn’t have to have a separate slide milled etc and couldn’t be happier with this combination of products, and everyone that has shot it has been WoW’-ed to say the least! 😀

  7. Nick Carserino (verified owner)

    Great solid product picked up one for my S&W 2.0 45acp let me say that after 200 rounds in its first two trips to the gun range there are no problems and still holding zero so it’s a must buy.

  8. Michael Malinowski

    The dove mount is a solid option when mounting the Sentinel. The reason for the 3 star rating is that you cannot co-witness the iron sights because the Sentinel is too thick and blocks the rear sight.

    • (verified owner)

      Hi there!

      The Sentinel is definitely the thickest, popular RMSc footprint optic on the market. We actually started our design process based around Sentinel 1 because we love the optic. However, we found if we went any higher on the rear and front sights there are a lot of problems that arise, the biggest being actually blocking a large portion of the window for all the other lower-profile RMSc optics, such as the Holosun 407k or original Shield RMSc. We figured a small view of the sights in the bottom of the window for Sentinel and a good lower 1/3 window co witness for everything else was a good compromise.

      Thanks for your review!

  9. Brian C

    I liked the ease of installation on the mounting plate and the co-witness sight attached to it, although I wish it was in the back and not the front. I had a problem with the two red dots I tried. Sometimes after recoil the dot would turn off and I had to remove it and reseat the battery. The best as I could tell, the red dot was not snug enough to the mounting plate after fully tightening the screws and there must’ve been a gap too small to see but big enough that the recoil caused the battery to fall down ever so slightly onto the mounting plate and losing connection with the red dot. The supplied screws were tightened correctly and the two red dots I tried did not have a battery door locking the battery into the red dot unit. The mounting plate is supposed to act as the door, but the two I tried had this issue. Perhaps my two red dots were bad or had too much tolerance? The two red dots I tried were $200 or less but well known popular brands. I got frustrated with all the tinkering and decided to ditch the red dot plan and buy some night sights.

    • (verified owner)

      Hi there!

      Which optics did you try for your plate? I know you said they were “popular and under $200” but I’m curious to know which models as they may fall into the category of “Low Profile Optics” and require our low-profile-optic mounting screws found here:

      These screws are an 1/8″ shorter than the screws that come with the mounting plate. They were not readily available when we first launched, so we put what we had on the website for people to pick up as needed. Our next rollout will include both sets in the kit. The optics you tried may be just slim enough that the longer screws are bottoming out, feeling tight against the optic but in reality have a gap too small to see. Something to try. On the other hand, as you said, depending on which optics you tried they may indeed have too much tolerance for the battery slot.

      Thanks for your review!

  10. David Elwell (verified owner)

    Is there a way to move the elevation on the mount rear sight? I have it on my Sig P365 and it shoots about 4 inches high. Waiting to put my red dot on the mount. Thank you.

    • (verified owner)

      Hi there! Our plate is designed to be used in conjunction with an optic, not as a standalone sight system. If you are shooting using just the irons with no optic attached, the pistol will shoot high due to the plate needing the extra rigidity of the optic.

  11. Richard

    When will the DoveDOT Red Dot Mounting Plate Kit – RMSc Footprint – S&W M&P / Shield
    be available?

    • (verified owner)

      We are hoping to have more at the beginning of next week! Tentative 3-14/15-23

  12. Anthony (verified owner)

    I received my order today. Installation of the mount plate and front sight was easy. Looks Great 👍 Thanks for making a Great product.

  13. Roy

    Am I able to buy this for my glock 43x non-mos & if so Will this sit flush on a Glock 43x slide non-mos?

    • (verified owner)

      Yes on both!

  14. Brian Snyder (verified owner)

    Just got my dovedot plate and installed it. Fits very tight and looks amazing on my Glock 43x, holoson 507k x-2, s15+5+1 shield arms mags. Highly recommend.

  15. Michael Huggins (verified owner)

    Perfect fit on my g23 gen 5 with holosun 507k. Very easy install and iron sight co witness is spot on!

  16. Danny

    Hi I have a Taurus g3c can I use your mounting plate for this pistol

    • Team Dove (verified owner)

      Yes you can!

  17. MICHAEL GREEN (verified owner)

    Put the Dove Dot mounting plate on my S&W M&P 9mm full size with a HS Holosun 407K. Adjusted to specs with my Wheeler torque wrench. Zeroed it with my laser bore sight, and after two trips to the the range learning how to use this, I was able hit my targets with ease at various distances. This is the first time I tried a red dot, and with not too good eye sight, I am more than pleased with this purchase. I want one for my Glock 45 9mm but they are not in stock.

    • Team Dove (verified owner)

      Just got more stock in!

  18. Brian White (verified owner)

    On my initial order i messed up the post on the adapter using a sight pusher to install. ( dont use a sught pusher ) i contacted Dove Dots and within 5 minutes of my contact they responded and sent me a replacement adapter that arrived in 2 days time. I proceeded to install with hammer and punch as they directed and have sighted in my holosun 407k and after 300 rounds it is dead on.
    The adapter sets the optic very low on the slide. It looks no different than some shallow optic cuts ive seen and gives you the rear sight too. Excellent product and unbeatable, prompt customer service.
    After showing the setup to some friends they were online on Dove Dot Mounts website before we even left the range. There is no other adapter that can compete with dove dots. This adapter honestly gives your gun the same appearance as an optic cut slide and allows you to add an optic to a new gun or to any handgun you already own.
    You not only get the adapter and keep a rear sight but you get the front sight too.
    Thank you Dove Dots for a superior product and your excellent customer service.

  19. bry (verified owner)

    Mine was pretty tough to instal on a glock43x. But i took it into the local gunsmith and had no problems. He just had better tools for the job. glad it was hard for me to do as i know it will be super sturdy and not move at all which is the case after 500 rounds

  20. Tyler

    Any chance that you guys will get new stock for the S&W Shield EZ?

  21. Official

    Hi will this mount work with the Shield SMSC Red Dot?

    • Team Dove (verified owner)

      Yes it will!


    The mount is a great buy.


    Your mount is a great buy. I will buy again. Thanks

  24. Mike

    Will the mounting plate kit fit on my Glock 19? When will you have it in stock again?

    • Team Dove (verified owner)

      Should be Monday!


    When will the Glock Mounts be available?!
    I’m interested in getting one for my Glock 48

    • Team Dove (verified owner)

      In stock now!

  26. (verified owner)

    Installed the DoveDot mounting system on my Glock 19. Holosun HE507K-GR-X2 placed in under 5 minutes. The entire package was fantastic! Performed flawlessly at the range (without milling my slide)! Love this product. Want to purchase another for non-mos Glock when back in stock.

  27. Wa Xiong (verified owner)

    I purchased the for my G22 Gen4. Very satisfied with this purchase. I didn’t purchase the tool to install, I used a sight pusher and with some adjustments, i was able to get the plate into the dove groove. It fits firmly and looks really good with my Holosun 507k mounted.

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