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The DoveDOT™ Installation Kit is a bundle of two very important tools needed to properly install your DoveDOT™ rear-sight mounting plate. This kit is designed as a convenience for those who may not have the specialty tools required for the task or who wish to have what we would use if we were the ones installing the unit. One kit is enough for the installation and maintenance of several DoveDOT™ units, and is functional with all models.

The only other tools that are required for installation but not included in this kit are readily-available household items, such as a small hammer for example, and those tools that are specifically required for servicing certain firearm brands, such as a Glock front-sight tool.


  •  1 Premium Steel 3/32″ Drift Punch
  •  1 small 0.5 mL tube of #243 Blue Loctite

Our step-by-step guide showing how we recommend installing your DoveDOT™ Red Dot Mounting Plate Kit can be found here.


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