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Do you have a model for my pistol?

Our DoveDOT™ units are designed specifically for the models we have listed. To see if your pistol is on this list, please check our compatibility page by clicking here. https://dovemounts.com/comp

Does “X” Optic fit the DoveDOT™?

As of now, every RMSc footprint optic will fit the DoveDOT™ plates we produce. RMSc is not compatible with RMR, Doctor, Deltapoint Pro, etc. footprint optics. Click here to see a full list of recommended optics located within our product description. https://dovemounts.com/product/dovedot-rmsc/

Military/First Responder discount?

Current or retired military? Current LE or first responder? Create an account on our website, then email us a photocopy of your censored DD214, Military ID, or LE/Responder ID to sales@dovemounts.com , and we’ll unlock your permanent discount! Our contact form doesn’t allow for files to be uploaded, so copy and paste our email address into your standard email platform to send the files to us. Please make sure this is done and you have received confirmation that your discount is live BEFORE placing your order!

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we can only ship internationally in bulk to a distributor. If you have a distributor or are a distributor that is interested in stocking our products, please reach out to us!

I got a notification saying my order shipped, but it says it hasn’t been received by the post office yet?

When we print the packing slip to start prepping your order for shipment, it will send you a notification saying that it has been shipped due to how our system integrates with USPS. Typically we ship every 24 to 48 hours, so chances are your order is still being packed for shipment.

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