Below is a list of some top-notch companies that we work hand-in-hand with to provide you excellent products and product support!

TacDom is also the exclusive Ebay dealer of Dove AMS products.

TacDom.com specializes in bringing you all the coolest upgrades for you firearms. They are a family-run company, the old-fashioned way, and have awesome tactical products at great prices. They support your 2nd Amendment freedom and appreciate your support in them. Check them out for great prices on all things Dove and otherwise!

Swampfox Optics also carries bundles featuring their Sentinel optic and the DoveDOT™ from time to time!

Swampfox Tactical Optics is a premier optics manufacturer within the US of A. They focus on high quality tactical optics with extreme reliability and durability that will not break the bank. With excellent customer service and support staff, these guys are great to work with!

Shield Sights featured a custom Glock 43X that we displayed and gave away during SHOT Show 2023!

Shield Sights is the original creator of the RMSc footprint that our original DoveDOT™ is based off of! They offer excellent optics for all walks of life, and currently have a number of European and American Military and Law Enforcement contracts. Show these guys some love!